Customer Style: Luca

Luca taught us how to turn long sleeves into short sleeves while he waited for his bagel. We asked him a few questions.

Fine Bagels: Are you shy? Can we take your picture?

Luca: I’m not shy. Don’t you want to wait until my bagel comes?

Fine Bagels: No. This’ll take all day. We have no idea what we’re doing. Where are you from?

Luca: My mother.

Fine Bagels: You must mean Mother Italy.

From this point on, interview format hardly works as we asked Luca to scribble his answers on a 4cm by 4cm square of paper and he took his answers as seriously as we took the questions. What we can tell you is that he’s one of the loveliest Berlin transplants you can ever meet and, when he’s not teaching us the art of the high shirt-cuff, he’s a master of hospitality at the incredible Salumeria Lamuri on Köpenicker Str. Haven’t been? Do it.


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