Books by Their Covers

Penguin recently came out with these gorgeously designed Nancy Mitfords. The only time we gave reading a Nancy Mitford a try, it was when the author Mark Forsyth came to give a reading at the store. He’s awfully funny and clever and he suggested that we might enjoy one of her books. Talked it right up. Love in a Cold Climate is the one he recommended. Now, we live in Berlin. What else is there to know about love in a cold climate? But we endeavored, nonetheless, as surely this recommendation had merit. That was wrong. This recommendation had no merit. We didn’t like it. Not one bit. But we wish we had. Because these latest Penguins are a fantasy in watercolor. If you never bothered to look inside, this set would be a fantastic addition to a home library.
They should change it to say “A book only Evelyn Waugh could love.”
While we’re on watercolors…Brecht Evens’ The Wrong Place sure is nice.
It has pictures instead of long, tedious sentences, so it was easy for us. Easy is good, because it makes us feel smart and content. Easy plus pretty is even better.
It’s about a party.

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