Customer Style: Miguel



This was Miguel’s first time at Fine Bagels.  He’s an art director for movies and television. Miguel is even responsible for a lot of the beautiful stuff in The Grand Budapest Hotel. See how we just name-dropped that movie into this? That’s because we’re very impressed and can’t think of a casual way to mention that. You can see his work on his website and on his vimeo.


It was the hat that caught our eyes and encouraged us to barge in with our camera, but the more we ignored this gentleman’s personal space and right to privacy, the more we noticed. Such nice little details. The withered flower in the rope hat band. The safety pin on the coat sleeve just above the tortoise button. And the outfit on the whole, it’s a lot of well-chosen vintage. The coat. The hat. The shoes. An outfit that, in theory, could slip into the realm of preciousness and affect, but that doesn’t at all.DSC_0875

Miguel was a very good sport so we gave him a candy bar.DSC_0866


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