Baker Style: Victoria Met Albert

Did we sign on to be spokespeople for Christmas shopping without the slightest hint of irony? No. We did not. But we are vain like you wouldn’t believe, not to mention completely smitten with Victoria Met Albert‘s yearly “All I want for Christmas” campaign, so we were thrilled to do it.

Victoria Met Albert is a lifestyle-ish store that sells homewares and his/her clothing and shoes. That sounds like a pretty bla endorsement, but it isn’t. It’s so much better and different from all those millions of little boutiques that pepper the Helmholtz and Boxhagener neighborhoods which, frankly, all blur together in our heads as one big sea of applique felted owl handbags. Victoria met Albert is a standout not just for how well Will and Ilke chose their products, but also for how they design their windows, advertisements, and general business face. It’s the kind of place that gets you all aspirational and full of ideas. They have new shipments coming in every week, which makes it well worthwhile to traipse moonily through on a regular basis.


The shoot was with Mark of Captivation on Schliemanstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg. Laurel’s main instinct in front of a camera is to slouch and emphasize her lack of orthodonture, but somehow Mark talked her out of that and managed to take a really nice picture. He is an excellent photographer.


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