Baking: Everything Bagels

A Fine Bagels Everything Bagel

We make them, but we don’t get them. When we started Fine Bagels, we didn’t make everything bagels. Why didn’t we make them? Because we’re pretty sure that the everything bagel is a gimmick. There’s going to be one dominant flavor point, be it onion or garlic or salt or nigella, and then the rest is just there to get stuck in your teeth. Meanwhile you chose it because you think you’re somehow getting more when, really, you’re not choosing anything. Getting an everything bagel is the absence of choice. If we want to eat sesame, we get a sesame bagel. If we are in the mood for onions, we get an onion bagel. Our idea of an everything bagel is getting a dozen different flavors and eating them in one sitting.

Eventually, a few months into business, we gave in to demands and started making an everything bagel. So what if they look like the floor of the kitchen after the baking is done for the day? Everyone but us loves the everything bagel. We sell twice as many everything bagels as any other flavor and 8 out of 10 people who both to tell us that they have a favorite flavor say it’s everything. To that, we say: No. You do not have a favorite flavor.

We guess we’d eat this.

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