Baker Style: Tom’s Shirt

Tom is one of our bakers. When he bakes Fine Bagels, he wears a very special tshirt. We think it makes the bagels taste even better.


If you’re into the noise scene in Jerusalem (and no, we don’t mean feral cats in heat baying at the moon), then surely you know Lietterschpich? They sound terrible. That’s probably because we don’t understand anything about what they’re trying to accomplish with their music. Not to mention we started off on the wrong Google foot when our first find was this abomination of a cover of Monkey Gone To Heaven. We mean, what the hell? Before Berlin, we’re from Boston. There is only one version of that song, and the Lietterschpich version is not it.

So despite the music, there is something we love about Lietterschpich. And that’s Tom’s T-shirt. Because of this:DSC_1181

We asked Tom a few questions:

Fine Bagels: What did you say the band’s name means again?

Tom: One Liter of Cum.

Fine Bagels: Nasty.

Fine Bagels: Tom, how did you come to possess such an excellent shirt? Surely you’re not a fan of this crappy band.

Tom: I stole it from a guy I was dating.

Fine Bagels: Respect.

Tom: Finally I have a place to wear it.

Fine Bagels: Have the Jewish people suffered enough?

Tom: No. Never.

Fine Bagels: Thank you, Tom.



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