Fine Bagels in Cee Cee Newsletter

The good people over at Cee Cee Berlin came to visit us a few weeks ago. We’re longtime readers of their newsletter and stock their beautifully designed hardcover Berlin book. Published by Distanz in 2014, it’s full of rich photos and worthy Berlin recommendations. Fun fact: Three out of five copies of this books are stolen from our shelves. This is the most stolen book in the history of the company, after The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Of course the Kundera, we feel, is punishment enough for its thieves. The Cee Cee book, meanwhile, is for pilferers of taste.cee_cee_berlin_500Photographer Daniel Faro is responsible for these beautiful pictures below of our space. Isabelle Kagelius did the write up. You can read it here. They did such a nice job, we figure we can swing the risky move of continuing to stock their book.

Photos by Daniel Faro for Cee Cee



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