Holla! Challah French Toast Sunday

So here’s the thing about us at Fine Bagels. We exist solely because (a) Rosenfeld’s is 4,000 miles away and (b) we are, at any given point in time in varying proportions, a combination of homesick, impatient, and indignant about whatever unfindable-in-Berlin food is causing the former emotions. That’s why we started making bagels ourselves. We were hungry. We were impatient. We were homesick. DSC_0699

So a year ago, we find ourselves craving challah french toast. Sure, we make it for ourselves from time to time. But we’d like to go out some Sunday morning, open up a brunch menu, and order away. No. The city is hung up on pastrami. On shakshuka. On artfully plated avocados. On vegan pancakes.

We weren’t quiet about our desires. We’d tell anyone who’d listen. So far we went as to be quoted complaining in a wonderful article by Liv Fleischhacker in Vice. Surely spoonfeeding that idea to the general Berlin food-trending public was bound to yield some results. Right? Right? Anyone?

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Lazy and ungrateful Berlin couldn’t be bothered to make us challah french toast. After a year of “Don’t mind us, we’ll just sit here hungry,” we gave up and gave in. Hence, Holla! Challah French Toast Sunday. Or, as we like to call it: Fine. If No One Else is Going to Do It. Holla! Challah French Toast Sundays happen once a month. Our homemade challah. Our homemade challah french toast. It’s so delicious we only complain a little.

The best challah is a super eggy challah. We use 8 yolks.
DSC_0491 (1)
We proof like there’s no tomorrow. That thing should want to collapse.
DSC_0501 (1)
Then we proof it again.
DSC_0517 (1)
A six-strand bakery braid.
After the third rise, the loaves get an egg white wash
Now we’re ready.

At this point, it’s probably Thursday or Friday. Sometimes we sell a few loaves, tempted as we are to make a quick buck off someone else’s shabbos plans. The rest we cover with a cloth, set aside, and allow to dry out until Sunday. The best challah french toast is made with slightly stale bread. It’ll soak up your eggy mixture so much better.

Challah French Toast Recipe: Ina Garten

This is more or less what would do if we were the kind of people who measure. It’s important to get nice eggs and use real vanilla.


6 good eggs

1-1/2 cups of milk or half and half

half teaspoon of salt

tablespoon of honey or sugar

Directions: Wisk above ingredients together. Soak thick slices of challah in the mixture. Be careful your slices don’t fall apart. Transfer them to a buttered pan on medium heat and cook for a couple minutes on each side, until you have a nice golden color. Put them on a plate and soak those puppies in maple syrup. Go to town.DSC_0681DSC_0667DSC_0673DSC_0675DSC_0691


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