Customer Style: David

David caught out attention when he asked us what our “lign in drerd und bakn beygl” sign means. We told him it was something vulgar.  Perhaps encouraged, David told us a vulgar joke about seismic activity in Montenegro. Then we told him a vulgar joke about a yarn factory. DSC_0158

David is the Senior Advisor and State Department Liaison for the Smithsonian Institution and we’re not sure if we should capitalize any of that. We’re very impressed.DSC_0157David was wearing the most wonderful shades of purple and pink and red. Apparently this is not just because he’s a very snappy dresser. He’s also slightly color blind. DSC_0170

We were pretty sure that sweater David was wearing was cashmere. Our grandfather used to tell us that we should only ever wear cashmere sweaters. Even if there’s another potato famine, we would ask him? Even if there’s another potato famine, he would say. So we were pretty sure that David here was wearing cashmere, as one should. He wasn’t sure, so we checked the tag. This made us wonder if he ever got to see our favorite sweater in the world, being affiliated with The Smithsonian Institution. DSC_0173

David showed us the softest scarf in the world. It was from Kashmir.DSC_0164David’s striped socks matched his red wool trousers. We liked that. We also liked what David ordered from our cafe: A cranberry walnut bagel with fig cream cheese, a hot pear juice with cinnamon (though next time he’ll stick to apple), and a brown sugar cinnamon-walnut-raisin rugelach. All sweet things. He’s only in Berlin to visit a friend but we hope he comes back soon.


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