Customer Style: Parker

Parker is from Hawaii but he lives in Berlin. As one does, he’s getting a PhD in philosophy. He’s a thinking man. DSC_1223

More important than being a thinking man, Parker knows how to work a nautical sleeve. And a headband. Sometimes we try to wear a headband but it hurts that little area behind our ears. Parker looks like he’s doing alright though.DSC_1240

Now, we at Fine Bagels like some good hand-talking and gesticulating. Parker did both while he explained to us what Modus Ponens is good for. That was not an unsolicited explanation. DSC_0029

The thing about Parker is that beyond giving belated meaning to a whole brutal week of 9th grade geometry where we forayed into logic, Parker matched. Now, we love matching. But Parker really matched. Parker matched everything. Parker matched his cotton button-up to his Everyman edition of The Brothers Karamazov to his “Oma’s Garten” fruit tea. Look at that. Remarkable.


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