Gordan x Fine Bagels: Bagels in Neukolln

DSC_0933Doron and Nir run Gordon, a cafe and record Shop in the Schillerkiez in Neukolln. When we of Fine Bagels have the day off, these are the good people who make us our breakfast. Sometimes we just wake up and think to ourselves, isn’t today a good day to drip tahini and grilled eggplant all over our white denim? Yes. Yes it is.

Doron and Nir built every bit of furniture by hand and the place is all sunlight and wood and gentle brass pipes and much-loved potted plants and attention to detail. That’s all well and good, but maybe the thing that is most striking about the place is the way these boys seem to genuinely love their customers. This is based in an anti-science nonsense theory they call “good energy.” And the boys don’t stop there. They’re also always ready to give you an astrological interpretation of why your life is a mess and since they’re so damn nice, you’ll never have the heart to tell them that astrology is make-believe. Just because there’s an app for something doesn’t make it true. So even though these boys have zero respect for physics and most basic science, they serve you your Barn coffee with a hug, and that trumps all. So we were really happy to start a collaboration with them. bagelpopupThis is what happened. Even though everyone knows Israelis don’t know from bagels, Gordon launched their new permanent bagel menu last weekend with a Tel Aviv meets New York brunch. At Fine Bagels, we’re all about doing things the old-fashioned way. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Lox. We say to ourselves, who needs bagel fusion? But for grilled eggplant, Nir’s homemade schug, and tahini all over a toasted sesame Fine Bagel, you better believe we’ll chill out on our hard-line. This is good stuff.

Doron and Nir are coming over to Fine Bagels in a couple weeks to pop-up their Sabih and Sabih Bagels. Stay posted. DSC_0947All the signs, menus, and cards at Gordon are designed by illustrator and graphic designer Kristina Wedel. Check out more of her work here.DSC_0966

It’s Berlin. You should expect otherwise at 11am?



Doron and Nir also run their own record label, Legotek.



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