Baking: Chocolate Cake

This is no one’s birthday cake. Still, it is birthday cake.

This is not our favorite birthday cake. Our favorite birthday cake is Angel Food. But this is a good kind of birthday cake too. Why? Because it tastes just like from a box. That’s a compliment, in case you were skeptical. Are you still skeptical? Critical, perhaps? Healthy and judgemental? Then maybe your family didn’t love you enough to make you a heart-shaped chocolate birthday cake from the generic version of a Betty Crocker box every year and you don’t know what a delicious thing that is. You just don’t know. Still, we at Fine Bagels are pretty hardcore about homemade and tentatively share the reservations that the heartless among you also have about boxed cakes. And so, we present you with Martha Stewart’s Devil’s Food Cake. Because sometimes the pinnacle of homemade is a replica indistinguishable from the store-bought, just without the stuff that makes your colon glow-in-the-dark.DSC_0294 (1)


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