Customer Style: Bella, Blue, Kimi and Miu

In the words of a great Cohen, what da fuck is dat man?DSC_0143There are few things that will crack our icy demeanor at Fine Bagels. Puppies are one of them. These dogs are wicked old but please don’t be all hyper-literal on us and tell us that they’re not puppies (we’re looking at you, Central Europe). All dogs are puppies until the day they go to the farm. Fact. Bela and Blue are almost seven and Miu and Kimi are 10-years-old. They ALL have birthdays in May. This just led us to Google “how long are dogs pregnant for?” Answer: About 63 days. Using simple math, the only conclusion we can draw is that they were all conceived on Valentine’s Day. You’ll surely find the same.DSC_0131Look at that. They are no bigger than a bagel!DSC_0149So what are these tiny beasts? They’re Prague Ratters and they were all born in the Czech Republic and now they live with Larissa and Michael from Preussen Rattler vom Friedrichshain. Larissa somehow managed to eat a bagel while the puppies pranced gayly around her. It was the most impressive act of bagel consumption we’ve seen all year. All we could do was stand around blabbering at the dogs in an infantalized coo. Adding a bagel to that mix would have required the kind of multi-tasking skills that we lost once we moved to Berlin.

Michael says that Miu is the nicest and the favorite. Larissa says that Kimi is the nicest. We suggested they tell them that.



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