Customer Style: Sayaka Botanic

DSC_0569We caught Sayaka on her first week as a Berliner. She moved here from Yokohama Japan with her band. We loved her plush coat so we had to ask about it when we brought her her latte. Japanese Ebay: 7euros. We couldn’t find a stale bagel on Ebay for 7euros and meanwhile Sayaka finds this coat. DSC_0587Sayaka is a musician. She plays the violin. She had lessons when she was a girl but ditched the instrument until she was older and self-taught a style all her own. She uses this to compliment her bandmate’s vocals and beats. We tried to sound sound literate and ask her what kind of music she plays and we caught words like “avante-garde” “performance” and “punk.” Since we don’t know what that amounts to beyond a whole lot of cooler-than-us, we looked up their music. They’re called Band A and they’re playing at Berghain tonight as part of the CTM Festival tomorrow night. You can listen here. Damn. Sayaka. She looked all soft and fuzzy in that coat and now…there’s another side to her.DSC_0574Sayaka sewed her skirt herself from a scarf her mother bought in China. It’s velvet and sheer with sewn textured detailing. Before she got into music, Sayaka sewed in a fashion studio. We asked her if she has any big plans for her future in Berlin. She says she wants to keep making music. DSC_0608Respect to a girl who can match her coat and nails to a Frida button. Welcome to Berlin, Sayaka.


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