Cafe Style: Tony’s Chocolonely

The summer before last we went to Amsterdam. We had much too much to drink in a Belgian beer bar much too early in the evening and then went on to have the more fun in a supermarket than we ever thought possible. The end result was walking out with a stack of Tony’s Chocolonely that would make us alternately happier and crankier in the days that followed as our candy bar consumption habits err on the irresponsibly gluttonous side. Anyway, this is how it came to be that Fine Bagels had to have a shelf of Tony’s.DSC_0670We liked it that night in the Dutch grocery store because it is creamy and delicious and has matte packaging and comes in impolitely large portions. We should have also liked it because it’s slave-labor free. But we didn’t really know what that had to do with chocolate so later we watched this video. Oh dear. DSC_0682We use a lot of chocolate at Fine Bagels. Crap.DSC_0668Tony’s is the only chocolate bar we sell. That’s partially because Europe loves to talk smack to an American who loves a Hershey Bar. We’ve got no patience for that. But we’ll now retroactively say it’s because it’s nice to support a socially conscious company.

More about wonderful Tony’s Chocolonely here.



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