Customer Style: Karla and Natalie

Karla and Natalie are two put-together young women who normally would not pose for something like this. Do you hear that, Fine Bagels? They would normally not do this. Perhaps they were disarmed by our overwhelming awkwardness. Something turned their sympathy. Or perhaps they sensed that we were all cat people. More on that later.DSC_0305At Fine Bagels, we see a lot of twins-y friends. Girlfriends who work the same look. This serves two functions. One, it disguises the uncreative half of the friendship. It is impossible to know who’s the straggling copycat and who’s the dom. And two, it’s easier to tell who is prettier. Since they’re wearing practically the same thing, one of them is bound to look better. When that isn’t the case and two friends are self-aware enough to each do their own thing, it is so hard to apply our convenient Fine Bagels system of putting people in boxes. Such was the case when we saw Friedrichshain residents Natalie and Karla browsing the shelves together. Such lovely girls in their complimentary and contrasting looks. Oversized and softly textured vs cropped leather. Two completely different takes on proportion and two distinctly excellent sillouhettes. Karla’s green coat was hand-sewn by her grandmother in the ’70’s and Natalie’s hat was from a second hand in Toulouse. DSC_0325 (1)DSC_0328Can you see the reluctance on Karla’s face? At this point, we were pretty sure that we would not have been on equal social footing with her in a middle-school cafeteria. Fortunately, we found common ground. If you look closely at Karla’s hat, you’ll see little white fuzzies. You see, Natalie and Karla are cat ladies. Combined, they own three cats. Natalie has Kasimir, friend of Polish Jewry, while Karla has Lulu and Marcel. The former is named for Ludwig II, Bavarian king and devoted patron of Wagner while the latter is for Marcel Proust. The thing about Marcel is that he looks like this:


marcelIINatalie didn’t have pictures of Kasimir so she must love him less. We asked them some more about themselves but didn’t pay attention. That’s a cat in a steampunk rocket. What else could we possibly get out of a conversation that could best that?


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