Sabich Day at Fine Bagels

As is our frequent and deliberately antagonistic theme, Israelis don’t know from bagels. To be fair, we don’t know from Sabich. Hell, we didn’t even know from Israeli Salad until our Pop Fine’s funeral when our Auntie Adele took charge of the delicatessen platters. We weren’t sure what was so Israeli about cucumbers and tomatoes but so be it. Our energy is better conserved and prioritized for origins-of-hummus arguments. This all leads to Part II of our bagel-sabich eugenics series: Gordon at Fine Bagels. In which the boys from Gordon make delicious, delicious Sabich on pita or bagel. (Slow on the uptake? See Part I: Fine Bagels at Gordon)

DSC_0616DSC_0624Now, this is Central Europe where people fear spice and flavor with the same terrified passion we reserve for air travel, German Shepards, and emotional commitment. Result being that many unwisely chose to eat their sabich without skhug, the spicy green Yemenite sauce that we suggest drinking straight, like one of those algae-based health smoothies. Recipe for the best part of the sabich here. DSC_0618DSC_0614DSC_0611Except for the one sabich bagel some weirdo ordered on a cinnamon raisin, it was one of the tastiest, drippiest, spiciest, and eggplanty-est days at Fine Bagels we can remember.


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