Customer Style: Pepper

At Fine Bagels, we’re morning people. Rather, we have to be morning people. Comes with the territory. We understand that in Berlin, people go out. A girl once asked us if we “go out.” We asked what she meant. “Like, really go out.” We still weren’t sure what she meant but making an educated guess from the snippets of morning after recounts on which we eavesdrop from the coffee station, we’re pretty sure she meant something involving leather, techno, 6am, Crisco, and shouting. So we guess we don’t really go out. On Sunday mornings though, we get a lot of people in the store who really went out. They usually look a lot better than we do after 8 full hours and a shower. Case in point: Pepper.DSC_0905 (1)Pepper’s background is in theater but now her focus is on photography and filmmaking. She’s making a film about queer nightlife and club kids in New York. While Pepper was living in New York to work on the film, she stayed up all night going from one club to another. Poor Pepper was so busy pursuing her nocturnal work that she didn’t eat a single bagel in New York. A shanda, Pepper, a shanda.DSC_0897 (1)One of the things we like about Pepper is she’s polite.DSC_0900 (1)And has a terrific coat. DSC_0910 (1)You can check out Pepper’s website and instagram @pepperlevain. It’s worth your time.


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