Customer Style: Nina

Nina is a Warschauerstrasse local. That means that she’s our neighbor. She’s so much our neighbor that she often gets her espresso in her own little espresso cup from home. Nina is a musician and an artist and a queen.DSC_0858 (2)Recently, Nina stopped by to shoot a short film story as part of her artists’ residency with new Berlin-based online magazine The Wild Word, set up by Kusi Okamura.

We asked Nina about the project she’s working on.

Nina: Well, I am exploring something and I am not yet entirely sure. The idea of comfort vs luxury, physical reality vs thoughts or mindset, the well-offs vs the underdogs. Queenie of the West spreading her magic of evil blindness. Choices of every day.DSC_0868 (1)They were shooting on what Nina describes as “a usb flip HD video camera with a crappy lense” and in addition to Fine Bagels, they shot on the S-bahn, the U-bahn, the Warschauer Brücke, and several Berlin streets. The finished film will be available to view here.DSC_0840 (2)Because Nina doesn’t just present an incredible visual on filming days, we wanted to ask her more about her wardrobe and aesthetic sense.

Fine Bagels: You have amazing pieces in your wardrobe.

Nina: Thank you, I actually have very few clothes.

Fine Bagels:…and it seems like you’re always one step away from costume, though costume seems inaccurate, as the word to us says disguise, and you’re certainly not disguised. Mainly just you have some wonderful theatrical pieces so we would imagine that it is as easy for you to compose a queenly outfit as it is for us to compose one of those horrendous all-black-Berlin-in-winter outfits. So what’s our question…did you just pull this together?

Nina: Yes, it is my normal snow coat. I only ever take it out around Christmas or when it is snowing. The crown of stars, I have worn at a concert in The Mansion House, Dublin, in the room where the First Dáil of Ireland was declared for an independent republic in 1919. The idea for the crown came from a photo Laurie Legrand, an artist friend of mine, sent me. I asked Laurie to make me one. The original one was really too much of a work of art to wear on my head all of the time. It was quite heavy. So I asked an amazing headwear designer/dj/counselor, Glamo Fowney, if she could make one and this is the result. And the rabbit just keeps popping up. He jumps in to my bag as I am leaving home.

Fine Bagels: In general, do you integrate performance clothes into your daily life?

Nina: No not really. It’s a mood thing. Sometimes I am very boring but then it kind of happens without me noticing. Most of the time, I dress subconsciously. I often dress my children to match me without realizing it until later in the day. Other times, I picture my outfit before I wear it.

I seem to have an accidental flamboyance so sometimes I purposely dress blandly when going, for instance, to a parents meeting or somewhere I really don’t want to stand out.

Fine Bagels: Is the line sharp or blurry?

Nina: It depends on the day. Sunday’s tend to be sharp. Thursday’s are a little blurry.

DSC_0873 (1)
“The rabbit just keeps popping up. He jumps in to my bag as I am leaving home.”

DSC_0878 (1)



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