Fine Bagels goes to America Part I: The Fines

Fievel_MousekewitzWe of Fine Bagels took our first vacation since opening three years ago. Because it would be unforgiveable to the Fine Family should we spend that vacation somewhere sandy and warm, we spent March in Boston. To make the Atlantic crossing old-school, we traveled in a vaguely modernized steerage known as the “world traveler” class of British Airways. There we enjoyed a dainty chocolate pudding cup, a movie about dying a cold, cold death on Mount Everest, three and a half xanax tablets, two diet gin and tonics, and a conversation with a seat mate about the ins and outs of organizing leather parties around the world which, incidentally, involves many of the same day-to-day management quandries as running a bagel bakery.DSC_1275Three generations of Fine ladies: (left to right) Emily, Laurel, Helen. Almost immediately upon arrival, the Fine matriarchs got down to business and informed us that the list of inherited Fine health troubles we can anticipate as we age has increased from mere lactose intolerance, intellectual arrogance, malignant moles, high cholesterol, New England Brown bear attacks, cavities, wasted youth, affected and inexplicable Southern accents, and severe attacks of the nerves to include, most recently, glaucoma and a wheat allergy. That matter settled, we eat.DSC_1332Nana Fine broke out the family recipe box. DSC_1326Fine Family bagel eating circa 1975.DSC_1336DSC_1347Our first encounter with the Heimlich was spurred by our greed for Nana Fine’s stuffed cabbage. Make it yourself and discover how life-affirming choking can be.DSC_1338Then treat yourself to Al Fine’s Sweet’n’Low Scotch Sour.


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