Champions of Breakfast

This is cute. Fine Bagels features as part of this beautifully produced breakfast series. We were so proud we sent the link to Helen Fine (Nana). She thought it was “neat” but “who is Nespresso?” Thank you, Champions of Breakfast, for helping us with our self-esteem issues. 


Rhapsody in Schmalz

So yesterday, we’re talking to a friend and he says he doesn’t listen to music anymore. He just reads. We said, in the way that we say things when we don’t know if we approve or not but don’t really have anything to add, “That’s nice.” The gentleman in question said something we’re misquoting now as, “No, I’m not sure about that.” He elaborated, then ended it by saying that it’s a niche interest. What is? Reading. Reading? Really?

Now, at Fine Bagels, we’ve been suspicious of this for some time but, for our own miserable sake, not in need to anything more to add to our repertoire of “modern complaints which incite us to curse a world of ‘digital natives,'” we ignored this. Still, a conversation like that, be it true or not, we figured we ought to read a book this weekend, lest we be complicit. John Waters will tell you, “If you go home with someone and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them.”

Michael Wex, of Born to Kvetch fame, recently released a book whose title somehow, somehow, speaks to us as much as Born to Kvetch. We’re going to keep both of these on our bookshelf if only for the cover photos.

Should we be so rich to eat kreplach every day and so lucky to have a new Michael Wex book.


From Michael Wex’s website:

Bagels, deli sandwiches, and kosher dills are only a few of the Jewish foods to have crossed into American culture and onto non-Jewish plates. From the Bible and Talmud to the delis of North America, Rhapsody in Schmaltz traces the history and impact of the cuisine that Yiddish-speaking Jews from Central Eastern Europe brought across the Atlantic and that their North American descendants have developed and refined.

Alright. If reading really is such a niche hobby these days, at least a book for our niche interests.