Eat In My Kitchen meets our rugelach

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 22.18.00.png

Meike Peters writes one of our favorite food blogs, Eat in My Kitchen. On it, she shares her own recipes as well as her wonderfully personal interviews with other chefs, bakers, and people-of-the-kitchen. When Meike asked us to talk rugelach with her, we were over the moon. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into those little suckers, well, we’re pretty sure that butter was recently classified a super food. Check it out:

Rugelach on Eat in My Kitchen

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago Prestel released Meike’s brand new and beautiful cookbook, Eat In My Kitchen. We even went to the Berlin launch and stuffed a bunch of her genius little savory fennel cookies (recipe in the book) into our purse because this is what we were raised to do at classy events. But really, this book is a gem of functionality and originality. Why do we think it’s so good?

1. The recipes are richly varied, colored, and textured, and yet the ingredients are accessible and not a pain to track down.

2. We would actually cook and serve this stuff.

3. Meike is meticulous about getting her recipes right and having her voice come through. What we’ve tried has really worked and we are excited about cooking more from this book.

4. In an era where we’ve all got The Food Thesaurus as our coffee table book, we sometimes get a little blase about creative flavor combinations. Like, at this point hasn’t every Midwestern housewife blended a bar of lavender soap, a touch of paprika, and a dollop of freshly bailed hay to make the trendiest new semifreddo? But what Meike puts together is the kind of intelligent and complimentary flavor-work that we actually want to put in our mouths, not just on an instagramable plate (but we really want to do that too).

5. Meike’s recipes recently taught us that endives and kumquats are (1) food items, (2) have functions other than slowly spoiling and quietly reminding us that we made yet another cute but ambiguously useful impulse purchase, and (3) sooooo delicious if made well. Well done, Meike. We had no idea.

You can find Meike’s new book on our cookbook shelf at Fine Bagels/Shakespeare and Sons.




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