Barista Style: Georgia

DSC_0212 (1)Georgia is a wonderful barista. She makes beautiful coffees and always seems to be happy about something. One look at Georgia and a bitter person might say, “What’s she so happy about? Why doesn’t she wipe that smile off her face?” Everyone else likes her. But some days Georgia looks happier than other days. Why? Well, we endeavored to find out after she coyly giggled, “Guess what I did last night!” Would but should teeth be so easy to pull.DSC_0236Fine Bagels: Georgia, do you have something you’d like to show us?

Georgia: My umlaut!

Fine Bagels: Like Mötley Crüe, Görgia?

Görgia: No!

Here Georgia makes reference to what is commonly known in both prison and middle-class rebellion-phase circles as a “stick-and-poke.

Fine Bagels: Georgia, what led to this decision?

Georgia: I can’t afford a real tattoo.

Fine Bagels: We assure you, that tattoo is very real.

Fine Bagels: Did anyone else do this?

Georgia: Everyone did. And four of us got matching umlauts.

Fine Bagels: BFFs 4eva. So this was some sort of tattoo party?

Georgia: Yes. There were five of us. My friend Simon answered the door in his boxers with a glove on one hand and a pin in the other.DSC_0246Fine Bagels: Have you had a tetanus shot?

Georgia: Yes?

Fine Bagels: Did you at least impress a boy or your friends?

Georgia: I don’t think so.DSC_0226 (1)Fine Bagels: Is your mother disappointed that you can no longer be buried in a Jewish cemetery?

Georgia: I’m not Jewish.

Fine Bagels: What?

This has been an exhaustive and exhausting work of investigative journalism on the part of Fine Bagels. If you’re curious what it looks like to be bitten by a teeny tiny vampire, magnify the following photo about 15x.DSC_0280




Barista Style: They all have Docs

Maybe the initiating event of the aging process is that time when you watch a trend from your youth reemerge among all the new cool kids. And you’re all cranky about it because they are pretty sure that they just invented the wheel. Then you give it some thought and realize that that was you the last go-round, self-satisfied in contextual unawareness. The good thing about Doc Martens showing up everywhere again is that we still love them. So we’ll forgive our staff for making us feel old. We might even get a new pair ourselves.

Wenhui in blue and black



Sarah Grace